Birthday Party Salon Services

We believe you should be pampered on your birthday. At Michele's Salon & Day Spa, we provide you with the best gift for your big day, the ultimate spa experience in beauty, body care, and wellness. With our birthday party salon services, we offer a private event space that gives you, your family, and friends the opportunity to celebrate together while relaxing and enjoying our wide variety of hair, nail, and spa services.

Our Birthday Party Salon Benefits

  • Hair, Makeup, Nail, and Spa Services For You & Your Birthday Party
  • Private Ready Space
  • Couches, Loveseats, and Tables
  • Celebrate with Your Own Food & Beverages
  • Relax While You Celebrate Your Birthday

Celebrate with our birthday party salon services where you and your guests have the ability to lounge and relax in our furnished event space. With couches and tables provided, you get to enjoy each other's company, bring in food and beverages, and relax while you wait for your treatments. Our professional staff helps you and your party to determine the right services to provide you all with the ultimate day of rest, relaxation, and beauty.

Celebrate your big day in utter relaxation with the experts at Michele's Salon & Day Spa. Call or contact us today to schedule your birthday party salon services in our private event space.

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