Airbrushed Makeup

At Michele's Salon & Day Spa, our makeup artists use airbrush techniques to create a makeup look that is polished, long-lasting, and naturally beautiful. This full-coverage foundation creates a smooth, flawless finish that is so light and airy you will feel as if you are not wearing any makeup.

Benefits to Airbrushed Makeup

  • Lasts up to 8-12 Hours of Wear Time
  • Sweat Proof
  • Perfect for Outdoor Events
  • Creates a More Natural, Polished Look

Our experienced makeup artists utilize airbrushed makeup techniques to smooth any edges, remove blemishes, and even out color levels, creating your most beautiful skin. Whether it's an evening out or your big day, we create the right airbrushed makeup look to highlight your natural beauty.

Airbrushed makeup gives you beautiful, flawless skin. Call or request an appointment to schedule for your next big event today.

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