facial treatment

A facial is not only rejuvenating, it exfoliates and nourishes the skin on your face and neck leaving it hydrated and beautiful. Our experienced estheticians utilize industry-leading facial techniques to provide you with a relaxing, luxurious experience that creates a smooth, glowing complexion.

Our Facial Services

  • Customized European Facial: A combination of a relaxing facial massage and revitalizing steam, our European Facial is tailor-made for your individual skin needs. Our experienced estheticians begin with a consultation, where we review your skin and your concerns to determine the best techniques to improve its overall look and health. Following the consultation, we customize your experience to what will be most beneficial for your skin.
  • Anti-Aging Facials: Restore your collagen, add lift, and brighten your skin while indulging in our luxurious anti-aging facial. By gently exfoliating, we restore smoothness while reducing lines and wrinkles, ensuring your face, neck, and chest have gorgeous, illuminating skin.
  • Acne Facials: Our acne facials are designed to open up your pores and deep clean your skin with powerful acne reducing cleansers. By utilizing top of the line products and industry-leading techniques, we not only treat your current acne, but help prevent future breakouts.
  • Pollution Neutralizing Facial: Target wrinkles and dark spots while improving the condition of your skin with our non-invasive coconut charcoal peel that provides calming moisture to rejuvenate your pores, leaving you with beautiful, glowing skin.
  • Express Facial: Facials restore the moisture, elasticity, and health of your skin. In between appointments keep your skin hydrated and beautiful with our express facial. Indulge yourself in a 30 minute treatment that includes deep cleansing, a relaxing massage, and steam therapy.

At Michele's Salon & Day Spa, our estheticians work with you and your skin type to help you determine which facial is right for you. We ensure your face and neck receive the care and the treatment they need to improve your skin's overall health. Call or request an appointment today to schedule.

Spa Facial Services

Express Facial A 1/2 hour facial includes cleansing, massage and steam therapy $45.00
Customized European Facial This facial includes deep pore cleansing, steam therapy, massage, a restorative mask and extractions. Time varies from 45 - 55 minutes. $75.00
Acne Clearing Facial This facial targets breakouts, clogged pores, and blackheads. $85.00


Add On Paraffin to Hands $12.00
Add On Paraffin to Feet $15.00
Add On Skin Brightening $10.00
Add On V-Neck $20.00
Add On Red Light Therapy. Increase rate of collagen building and circulation $10.00
Add On Acne. A treatment with potent anti-acne triggers to clear up existing acne while preventing future breakouts. Heals the visible signs of past acne. $10.00
Add On Facial Peel
  • Manual Microdermabrasion
  • Lactic-A Plus (for sensitive skin)
  • Glycolic Acid
Add On Galvanic Current. Provides deeper penetration of anti aging and acne services $10.00


Flaxx-c Firming Facial Restores firmness to sagging skin by compressing the tissues to lift, tighten and firm. A mild exfoliation will smooth skin texture. $105.00
Ultra Detox Chemical Peel This peel will dramatically improve dull, lifeless and rough textured skin. *Multi peel strength will be customized at Esthetician's discretion. $95.00
Fast Results Peel An alphablend treatment to removing dulling surface cells, unclogs pores, diminishes surface wrinkles and promotes a smoother, even-tone complexion. $50.00
V-Neck Treatment This chin-to-chest treatment is fueled with anti-agers to repair skin. Great for concerns with sagging skin, loss of elasticity, lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and rough texture on the neck and V-area. $40.00
Pollution Neutralizing Facial Targets and revives dull, oxygen-depleted skin damage. $105.00
Add On $20.00
Treatment only $40.00
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