Body Treatments

michele's salon massage Relax your body, hydrate and soften your skin, and improve your overall well-being with a body treatment from Michele's Salon & Day Spa. Our treatments are designed to soothe your body and relax your mind, pampering you with a restful, tranquil experience from the moment you enter our spa to the moment you leave.

Spa Body Treatments

Our luxurious body treatments can be completed independently or combined to give you the ultimate experience in body and overall wellness.

  • Body Scrubs: Rejuvenate your body and nourish your skin with our body scrub treatments. Our body scrubs are available with or without essential oils, and leave your skin renewed, rejuvenated, and hydrated by gently exfoliating and scrubbing away the dull, damaged top layer. Following your scrub, you will be gently rinsed in our viche shower and moisturized to leave your skin noticeably soft and smooth.
  • Body Wraps: With a body wrap treatment, we immerse your skin in moisture. Our therapists first gently massage moisturizer into your skin and then swaddle your body in a wrap and blankets. This warmth allows the lotion and moisture to fully absorb into your skin, creating a more intense hydration.
    • Herbal Wrap: This herbal wrap infuses Chinese herbs and citrus oils that absorbed into your skin as it warms under the wrap and blankets. These herbs not only hydrate your skin, they also detoxify and exfoliate your body.
    • Grand Spa Experience Our Grand Spa Experience combines all the benefits of our herbal wrap and body scrubs into one relaxing, luxurious body treatment. We begin by using warm water in a viche shower to gently rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin while gently opening your pores. Next, our therapist will deeply infuse moisture by gently massaging body butter or citrus oils into your skin, creating a soothing, hydrating mask. We finalize your treatment by wrapping your body and swaddling you in blankets to create a warm, relaxing environment that releases tension while completely rehydrating your skin. To add to your total body relaxation, we preform a light, soft scalp massage.
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Indulge yourself with a day of pampering that will nourish both your skin and your mind with body treatments from Michele's Salon & Day Spa. Call or request an appointment to schedule with our specialists today.

Spa Body Treatments

Body Scrubs Mineral-rich sea salts combined with natural herbs and essential oils to exfoliate and nourish the skin. Choose from these flavors Chocolate, Champagne, Coconut Lime, Pumpkin Spice, Citrus. Custom blended flavors as well, ask your technician. $60.00
Herbal Body Wrap This soothing and therapeutic wrap and massage treatment uses healing herbs to soften and hydrate the skin. $90.00
Citrus Oil Body Wrap Soften and hydrate your skin. This body wrap is packed with vitamin C which is cellulites worst enemy. $65.00
Grand Spa Experience Imagine a full body exfoliating scrub with warm water on our viche shower bed. After your skin is polished to perfection a luxurious hydrating mask is applied to allow deep absorption. A relaxing scalp massage will be given to complete your Grand Spa Experience. $120.00
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