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Thinning Hair: Men and Women

Before and After Photo’s


Causes of  Hair Loss

Hair loss or baldness is a genetic trait and can also have environmental reasons.  The degree of thinning hair that an individual will experience can vary due to both internal and external factors such as stress, nutritional deficiencies, exposure to free radicals & UV rays.  Rapid weight loss, genetics and folicle sensitivity to the hormone D.H.T. can all cause hair loss.

The Treatment

In our 33 years of hair care experience, Michele’s Salon and Day Spa has seen the best results with the Bosley Products |  As science and technology evolve, we have seen results improve dramatically from using professional salon quality hair loss products.  Michele’s recommends Bosley profession strength hair care products to counteract hair loss in both men and women.  In our opinion, it is the most effective and easy to use product we have ever used.  Come in and ask the owner or hair stylist’s at Michele’s which Bosley product is right for you.  Our staff use the Bosley products personally and endorse it professionally.

The Products: 


 Products Color coded and formulated for simplicity:

All grab and go packs include a nourishing shampoo, volumizing conditioner and a thickening leave in treatment.

Green:    Normal to Fine Non Chemically Treated Hair

Blue:      Visibly Thinning Non Chemically Treated Hair

Yellow:   Normal to Fine Chemically Treated Hair

Orange:  Visibly Thinning Chemically Treated Hair


Cool as hell.

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