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February 2, 2012
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February 15, 2012
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Restore Your Skin

Body Treatments from Michele's Salon & Day Spa Brighton


Restore your skin

Body treatments are an age old tradition and are at the heart of the Spa experience. At Michele’s Salon & Day Spa we use holistic principles in our body facials along with natural products to promote the ultimate experience in beauty, body care and wellness.

Herbal Body Polish – $70

This potent, regenerative treatment is based on Herbology, the ancient science of healing with herbs. First your body is lightly massaged with Citrus Fruit Oil, followed by an exfoliating body polish with granulated Chinese herbs. Once your skin has been thoroughly buffed, you are cocooned in warm thermal blankets to penetrate the therapeutic granules. To complete the treatment your body is misted neck to toes with refreshing spring water followed by an application of Extremely Emollient Body Cream. Time 1 Hour.

Arctic Algae Body Wrap – $78

Nutrient rich layer of Norwegian Arctic Algae seaweed is slathered over your entire body and you are enveloped in a protective thermal blanket. You will enter a state of deep relaxation. This has a tonic effect on your body that both regenerates and revitalizes. To finish, the algae is gently rinsed off under our Vichy rain shower, followed by an application of Extremely Emollient Body Cream. Benefits: Detoxifies and removes impuritites by stimulating lymph and blood circulation, aids in the elimination of excess fluids from tissues, energizes a sluggish metabolism, helps with weight loss programs, increases supply of oxygen to skin tissues and throughly hydrates and softens the skin. Time 1 hour.

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