Spa Manicure Services

Express Manicure File, buff, moisturize, polish $20.00
Manicure Soak, file, cuticles, buff with oil, clean, moisturize, massage, polish $30.00
OPI Gel Polish UV polish treatment using OPI to make polish last up to 2 weeks. Leave with dry nails! $45.00
Custom Spa Manicure Rejuvenates hands and nails thru exfoliating and deep hydration $45.00
ADD Paraffin to Manicure $12.00
ADD French Finish to Manicure $2.00 - $7.00
Acrylic Pricing upon request

Spa Pedicure Services

Signature Pedicure Includes soak, clip, file, moisturize, callus work, exfoliate, mask, massage and polish $63.00
Express Pedicure Includes soak, clip, file, moisturize and polish $40.00
Paraffin Pedicure Softens and smoothes dry skin, reduces swelling in joints and muscles. Good for skin and therapeutic. $78.00
ADD Paraffin Treatment to Pedicure (Hydration therapy for troubled feet) $15.00
ADD French Finish to Pedicure $5.00 - $10.00