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May 4, 2012
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Complimentary Ayurvedic Skin Assessment

Introducing Aurore Adamkiewicz, NHD

Restore your skin

Michele’s Salon and Day Spa would like to introduce our newest staff member, Aurore.   We would like to offer our existing and new clients a complimentary Ayurvedic skin care assessment as a way of introducing Aurore and our five new spa services (listed below).  Aurore is a Ayurvedic naturopath doctor, a licensed esthetician and author of six books on skincare and natural health.  She specailizes in skincare disorders such as acne, rosacea, premature aging, ayurvedic detoxing and nutritional consulting.

Click here to view a video of our wet room and vichy shower


Ayurvedic pulse dignosis: a fifteen minute consult and pulse read assures highly individualized and accurate recommendations

Ayurvedic dosha specific vichy shower: with detox, the ultimate detoxing experience 

The Ayurvedic Facelift technique: using a variety of deep abhyanga facial massage, tuning forks on marma points and essential oils, these provide both a natural lift and release to the tight muscles and a firming of the skin

Magnetic acupuncture: no needles! This acupuncture is stimulated through points on your hand and help with a variety of skin conditions and aids in detoxing and rejuvenating the organs

Color and Sound Therapy: utilize color and sound frequencies for a variety of skin conditions whether it is killing bactera and oxygenating acneic skin, calming rosacea or stimulating the collagen and elasting proteins to bind togehter to create a youthful look.

TUES 11am – 6pm Complimentary Ayurvedic Skin Care Assessments

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