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5 Things You Didn’t Know About OPI





  1. In 1981, George Schaeffer (OPI CEO and Founder) purchased a small dental supply company from his uncle.  The name? Odontorium Products Inc. – OPI.  “The name was the only thing I took with me after selling the dental company.” says Schaeffer.  It clearly stuck!
  2. OPI has 36 patents, including Bondex, the first non-acidic primer.  The company was also the first in the nail industry to start putting lot numbers and ingredients on its polish bottles emphasizing transparency.  “Being honest with people in our industry is the most important thing to do,” Schaeffer stresses.
  3. OPI revolutionized the caps of polish bottles.  Traditionally made with polypropylene, Schaeffer redesigned the bottle cap using a heaver material that felt solid in a manicurist’s hands, allowing for more control and stability.  He also redesigned the brush and bottle, and explains that OPI makes as much of their product as possible in the U.S.
  4. By giving its colorful hues and flirtatious names, OPI was an industry leader in paring personality with polish. “When we started, all that polishes had to identify them were numbers.  After leaving the salon, nobody knew what they were wearing on their nails, so we named them”.  Today naming polishes is considered standard practice.
  5. The influence of OPI has spread to Kellogg cereal box covers, Dell computers, Mustang cars and even Whirlpool dishwashers! “For me, the accomplishment was to create a brand,” explains Schaeffer.  “I just wanted someone to come into a salon and ask for OPI.”  Now that the OPI name is synonymous with quality polish everywhere, it’s safe to say that this industry legend got his wish.

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